Katu Honey Testimonial


“I cannot imagine a designer as professional & easy to work with as Laura Macaulay.  I hired
to work on a re-brand for a Ugandan honey company. The job was challenging, as it 
a rapid turn-around, the creation of a brand that would suit both local & international 
audiences, &
collaboration with diverse international stakeholders. Laura has blown me away
 every step
of the way. I could not recommend her more”

Kristina Moody
Packaging Coordinator, Value Added in Africa


“Coming up with this brand is an experience I am so proud of. I had never been involved in the
design process before, however working with navigatebydesign made everything so much simpler.
Laura and Kristina managed to guide the a professional process making it seem so easy and look at the
label we have at the end of the day! I am so proud of this label, and so much more because everyone that
sees it comments on its uniqueness. The Katu honey label truly stands out”

Susan Kisitu
Chief Executive Officer, Katutundike

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