The Market

The Market is a Gourmet food store based in Belarmine, Dublin and is owned by the Griffin Group who are the family behind the well established Londis chains.

They Griffin Group wanted a brand identity for the Market brand which would reflect their ethos; to promote a lifestyle of health and an enhanced shopping experience with the highest quality produce.

The brand identity features a signature ‘M’ emblem with organic flourishes which is embroidered onto the staff uniforms and on the canvas bags for life.

We also worked on the in-store experience creating store signage, including the shop front design, interior wall decals and promotional window displays.

The tag-line ‘Your Foodstore’ helps gives a sense of a co-operative where the consumer can feel part of the shopping experience. The chain is open in Belarmine and is due to be rolled out across key locations in Dublin, Ireland.

* Whilst working for JDDG

 Logo Design / Concept / Retail experience / Brand Identity



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