Annual report launched 2022 have been providing people in Ireland with a secure and confidential channel for reporting online child sexual abuse material, for over two decades. In 2021 the remit of expanded for the first time, to include intimate image abuse, financial scams and racism and xenaphophia. commissioned navigatebydesign to create the visual look and feel for their 2021 Annual Report.

‘People…not pixels’ was selected as the lead theme for the 2021 report. This strong statement helped to encompass a broader range of services and to ensure that the main focus was victim-centered.

The report is split into 6 key services, each with a divider page featuring custom icons to help the sections stand out within the report. The statistics and findings are presented in a visually engaging way to help balance out the more in-depth report content.

We used a pixelated typeface for the headline, with Alma Sans as the supporting typeface to reinforce the cyber theme. The colours are bold and eye catching, designed to evoke hope and engage the public about this important subject. The report was supported by a social media campaign.

2021 Hotline Annual Report Front Cover

2021 Hotline Annual Report Front Cover

2021 Hotline Annual Report Spread

2021 Hotline Annual Report Digital Social Post

2021 Hotline Annual Report Digital Social Posts

2021 Hotline Annual Report Spreads

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