Indulge Brand Identity


The Indulge brand identity received a Commended Award from the Institute of Designers and featured in the IDI ‘Best of Irish Design’ handbook.

The Griffin Retail Group are successful operators of over 20 convenience stores in the Dublin area which are branded in line with an established countrywide franchise. They wanted a new brand for their latest retail outlet called ‘Indulge’, which would be a premium coffee and crêpe offering for people ‘on the go’. It was vital this new product offering would to sit comfortably alongside the established Londis branding and be able to work as a stand alone flag ship store*.

* Created by navigatebydesign whilist working for JDDG

The objectives were to provide the complete retail brand experience from the interior design of the service area in the store right through to all logo applications including uniforms. To produce a brand which conveys a premium positioning for the client into the future.

The brand identity is a play on the meaning of the word ‘Indulge’ – to yield to the desires and whims of (especially to an excessive degree!) Our brand logo highlights the letter ‘u’ in Indulge putting ‘you’, our client, at the centre of the indulgence. The colours reflect the indulgent nature of the offering, from crépes and Leoindas Belgian chocolate, to premium grade Fair Trade coffee. Finishes such as limestone and lime washed oak, lighting in bold orange to illuminate signage and a striking retro coffee machine, combine to give an opulent touch.

It was key that this new brand offering would expand the appetite of the existing customer base as well as attract new business, improving trade and opening new market opportunities.

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