NDTP Strategic Report


The National Doctors Training and Planning (NDTP) as part of the Irish Health Service Executive (HSE) needed a new strategic concept for their Strategic Report 2022-2027 which would share their vision for workforce planning in Ireland into 2027.

navigatebydesign were commissioned to create the report – It needed to appeal to doctors, NCHDs consultants and other specialists. It also needed to convey the 6 main objectives of the strategic plan with a strong focus on data and strategy. We created a strong leading photo montage image for the cover showing a consultant and graphics representing data analytics overlayed.

The Strategic Objectives were each colour coded and supported by iconography, corresponding with the more detailed sections for each objective.

Striking imagery throughout the report helped to break up the more dense content and make it visually appealing.

The Strategic Report was successfully launched at a national conference in Ireland and attended by delegates working in the area of workforce sustainability in healthcare.