Persil Small & Mighty


navigatebydesign were asked to design a new campaign concept for the Persil Small and Mighty brand, promoting their pioneering ‘new stain eraser ball’ and it’s benefits to consumers.*

* Created by navigatebyesign whilst freelancing for Verve Design

The selected concept for the activation focuses on the benefits of how the new product can make consumers life easier.

navigatebydesign created the theme ‘Lighten your load’ which is a play on the stain eraser ball and laundry basket represented as a hot air balloon. The hot air balloon suggests making consumers laundry an easier a more enjoyable task to do by using Persil’s new stain eraser ball.

A handy stain eraser booklet which needed also incorporated Persil’s existing ‘stain gang’ was designed to be given out at the activations and included tips on how to get rid of stains.

We tied the campaign into a competition give-away for a ‘Dirty weekend’ adding a fun element to the activation and also incentivising consumers to try the new stain erasing product.

The concept was applied to bulk ends, security shrouds, gondola ends, power Isles, shelf wobblers, digital screens and in-store demonstrations..