Royal College of Surgeons Communications

navigatebydesign work on an ongoing basis with the College of Surgeons to assist their Marketing and Communications team.

Design Partnership

RCSI approached navigatebydesign in 2013 to help the in-house design team rollout their new brand identity across the entire college. As part of this transition we worked directly with the various faculties within the college to deliver the new design assests and explain the changes to the departments. We worked across a wide range of materials including events, advertising, corporate literature, signage and stationery to name a few.

Navigatebydesign continues to work with the College of Surgeons as a corporate partner on delivering reports and providing additional support to the team. In 2016 we provided a Graphic Design training module to their design team from Bahrain.

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Report Design / Tender Design / Stationery / Signage / Advertising /Events


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