Specsavers Summer Nordic Campaign

navigatebydesign were asked to develop a strong summer sales concept for Specsavers in the Nordic countries.

Design Rational

Navigatebydesign were asked to to build on the the Specsavers ‘papercraft’ illustration style and to test it and see how it could work within a sale context for the Nordic market.

navigatebydesign developed a summer themed concept using visual elements from a typical Nordic summer. The illustration shows outdoor activities which can be enjoyed whilst wearing Specsavers glasses, such as kayaking, camping and exploring the mountains all integrated into the word ‘SALE’.

The Illustration was animated in-house by the motion design team at Specsavers. The illustration helped as a huge breakthrough to convince global branding to choose the illustrative route and also change the conversation from ‘why we should do this’ to ‘how can we do this’.

navigatebydesign continue to work with Specsavers, supporting the internal design and marketing teams with their campaigns throughout the year.

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Art Direction / Concept / Point of sale / Advertising / Digital / Promotion

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